About us

Welcome to Dr. Schäfer & Partner

Dr. Schäfer & Partner is a Management Training -and Consulting Company with a clear focus on strategy, leadership, sales and communication, offering its services on a world-wide scale.

We support people and organisations and accompany corporate development on the basis of contemporary and scientifically backed up methods. Our concepts and activities are centered around the idea of holistic solutions, considering the systemic contributions of all relevant players and factors.


Coaching is characterised by intimacy and trust and aims at clarifying a concern or issue in the business context of the coachee in view of the corresponding organanisational environment.



Training is typically a group activity aiming at imparting knowledge and skills by involving participants in practical exercises, followed by reflection and feedback. By trying out new behaviors and techniques the individual can develop alternative approaches that can be helpful in business and private situations.



In addition to the classical understanding of providing expert advice to other professionals, we see consulting as a temporary and intense collaboration of two parties aiming at solving an important business issue. Our role and responsibility as an independent external entity is to be "uncomfortable" for the good of our client in order to tackle the issues that really matter.


Our Clients

We deliver our services to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) as well as to multi-national organisations in Germany, Europe and world-wide. A large number of clients from various industries (e. g. pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medical technology,  engineering,  automotive, IT, energy, logistics, construction, retail, education, hospitals and non-profit organisations) appreciate our solid and sound experience and our high professional standards.