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Wir bieten unseren Kunden ab sofort sämtliche Leistungen auch als online-Formate an.
(Webinare über Zoom, Skype bzw. Videokonferenzen)

+++ Kostenfreie Beratung für KMU +++
Der Bund fördert ab sofort Beratungen für Corona-betroffene kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, einschließlich Freiberufler bis zu einem Beratungswert von 4.000 Euro - ohne Eigenanteil.
Dieses Angebot vom BMWi kann bis 31.12.2020 in Anspruch genommen werden.
Die Bekanntmachung aus dem Bundesanzeiger finden Sie hier: Bekanntmachung Förderung
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Aktuelles Angebot:
"Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit - Schnell arbeitsfähig im Home Office durch Remote Leadership"

Consulting Training Coaching

German English world-wide

Personnel Development

  • Leadership Training
  • Agile Management
  • Sales Training
  • Insights Discovery®
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management

At a glance: Your benefits

Measurable time savings...
... through more efficient Email communication and a more effective meeting culture

Increase in employee engagement & performance levels ...
... through better leadership, more transparency, real entrepreneurship and shared responsibility

Profitable sales development ...
... through more skilled sales people, clear sales priorities and better time and self-management

More time for your customers
... through better internal communication, less conflicts and more customer-oriented processes

Real competitive advantage
... through clear positioning and differentiation, a focused strategy and efficient processes

NSustainability of learning
... through supporting you in transferring insights and plans into your business practice

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Chris Schäfer, MBA

  • PhD and MSc in Chemistry
  • MBA in General Management
  • Eight years of international management positions in the global Life Science industry in Europe and Asia / Pacific
  • Management Trainer and Systemic Coach
  • Licenced InsightsDiscovery® and MBTI®-Trainer
  • World-wide realisation of projects in personnel and organisational development
  • Industries served: LifeSciences, HealthCare, Engineering, Energy, Technology, MedTech, Automobile/Automotive, Logistics, Retail, IT, Services, Education

What we can do for your organisation...

Leadership Development

Do your leaders possess the personality and the skills to deal with people effectively?

  • Reflection on own leadership biography
  • Personal values and self-management
  • Modern leadership tools and concepts
  • Identification of own behavioural patterns and individual preferences according to MBTI® or InsightsDiscovery®

Sales & Customer Orientation

Do your sales people talk about benefits and values – or are they offering discounts at the first customer objection?

  • Work out the real customer benefits behind your products and services
  • Sales communication in perfection: verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal skills
  • Value selling and convincing presentations
  • Handling objections and closing techniques

Organisation & Culture

How many hours per day do your employees waste on inefficient Emails and meetings?

  • Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie sich leicht 1 Stunde produktive Arbeitszeit zurückholen - pro Tag und pro Mitarbeiter!
  • Gemeinsame Entwicklung eines ‘Kommunikationskompasses’ für mehr Effizienz und Effektivität bei Ihren internen Abläufen
  • Modernisieren Sie Ihre Kommunikationskultur durch klar definierte Regeln und Grundsätze für Email-Kommunikation, Sitzungen und für den konstruktiven Umgang mit Konflikten
  • Holen Sie mehr Produktivität aus Ihrer Organisation durch Nutzung der Erkenntnisse aus der jährlichen Gallup-Studie

Strategy & Change

Do you have a colourful and ambitous long-term strategy - and do you always wonder why only a minimum of the brilliant ideas and slides is actually put into practice?

  • Strategy development for small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Classical fallacies and errors in strategic management and change management
  • Pro-active change management: anticipating developments and driving change into the organisation

About us

A professional network of 5 trainers, coaches and consultants offering...

long-term international practice in developing and realising training, coaching and consulting projects

credibility through own experience in positions with leadership, sales and strategy responsibility

proven practical concepts for sustainability of learning and transfer into your business reality

a broad variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, trainer and coaching educations

joy in life-long learning and in developing others

professional expertise combined with social and methodical competence

interactive development programmes with a high degree of participant involvement

individuality and uniqueness

dedication and flexibility


... authenticity and personality!

Big changes seldom come as a real surprise -
we just need to be brave enough to scratch the surface and dare to look behind.